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Elamachain is Hyperledger Fabric-based Emotional AI Platform. Designed to give you maximum satisfaction by providing user experience optimized to your cognitive, emotional preferences, AI ELA interacts with you and grows as your friend, your family, and more.



Elamachain as a platform overcomes the typical limitations of conventional blockchain services: slow transaction speed, incompatibility to security regulations, and inaccessible usage infrastructure. Elamachain platform’s Hyperledger Fabric structure allows high speed, scalability and security to the system. Also, ELA Eco-system built on AI ELA, which can recognize and respond to user emotions, is linked to already organized infrastructure, capable of effecting every scene of users’ life from customized AI services to online/offline payment systems.


AI ELA is powered by ELA Core-engine, which collects, analyzes, and stores data. While ELA Core-engine utilizes deep-learning network and distributed data storage technology to refine countless data flowing into the system, ELA you talk to grows as a one which knows you better than anyone.


Constant inflow of user data is crucial to growth of AI ELA. In order to secure large amount of quality data, users who voluntarily contributes to constitution and expansion of AI database are rewarded with ELA Coin(ELAC). You can earn ELAC by talking to ELA or completing various ELA missions, which are specifically designed on learned preferences of yours. ELA Coins circulates within ELA Eco-system made of vastly networked merchants and real-time payment system.

Crowd Sale

Aug. 6th, 2018 ~ Sep. 30th, 2018

Total Token Supply

10,000,000,000 ELAC(100%)

Token Price

1 ELAC = $ 0.08

Accepted Currency


Minimum Purchase Amount



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