Cross-boarder AI Platform
The world's cross-border business begins

Based on permission blockchain technology and AI chatbot technology, Elamachain is planning to develop cross-board AI platform that crosses borders to provide cross-board e-commerce and cross-board tourism services. In particular, AI Chatbot, which is the core of this platform, interacts with you through the evolution of big data learning capabilities and grows into your friend, your family, and your lover.



1. Shopping service
Elamarchain's shopping service provides true cross-board shopping service that transcends barriers to cross-border streets, languages, and other shopping malls by accessing a convenient login via an affiliate shopping mall ID and receiving special services through 'Real-time customer response of AI chatbot with foreign language support' in all areas such as inquiry, purchase and Q&A.


2. Travel Guide
Elamachane's travel guide app supports foreign tourists who visit Korea with location guidance, group chat, purchase system, and SNS sharing system, which provides high level of tourism and shopping convenience to visiting foreigners in Korea and offers high added value including duty-free discounts.


Constant inflow of user data is crucial to growth of AI ELA. In order to secure large amount of quality data, users who voluntarily contributes to constitution and expansion of AI database are rewarded with ELA Coin(ELAC). You can earn ELAC by talking to ELA or completing various ELA missions, which are specifically designed on learned preferences of yours. ELA Coins circulates within ELA Eco-system made of vastly networked merchants and real-time payment system.



Powered by a Team


Kevin Kang

Director in Chief

· Elamachain Foundation, Director in Chief
· 2017 Developed and operated AI virtual currency trading bot
· 2016 Seoul city brand development program(I.Seoul.U), Deputy Director
· 2016 Korean national team for 1st CYBATHLON Switzerland, Member
· 2014 2014 Social Venture Contest(Ministry of Employment and Labor, Republic of Korea), 1st place
· 2014-2017 Sangsang Lab(Prototype/Robot Development), Founder

Alex G. Lee


· Elamachain Foundation, CTO
· 2018 Xanadu Big Data LLC, Managing Partner
· 2018 Zeus SW Defender, LLC, Managing Partner
· 2017 Remote Xccess, LLC, Vice President of IP Commercialization & Monetization
· 2016 Liquidax Captial, Chief IP Officer
· 2009-2018 Principal Consultant & Chief IP Strategist

Jaehee Won

Planning Director

· Elamachain Foundation, Planning Director
· Software Architect, Algorithm Developer, Blockchain Engineering Designer
· 2017 Developed and operated AI virtual currency trading bot
· 2017 Tachyon(Blockchain Experts Group), Head Technology Developer
· 2017 Master Node Construction and Consulting



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